MN Trooper Costume

My husband wanted help making a Minnesota State Trooper Costume for Halloween this year.  My understanding is that it's illegal to "impersonate a police officer", however, hopefully this is not considered actual impersonation, and therefore, not actually illegal!  Anyway, here's how we did it!

First, if you are not from Minnesota, here are a few pictures of what MN State Troopers dress like:

The Clothes:

We found a pair of brown flat front dress pants, on sale for $15!  Any brown pants will work.

Next, the shirt.  We went with a Dickies short sleeved kahki coloroed work shirt from Wal-mart for around $15.  While we were at Wal-mart, we picked out these metal toy handcuffs for $3.

The work shirt needs some modifications, so I bought one sheet of brown felt.  I measured the pockets on the shirt and created this template with the pointed pockets.  I used the template to create 2 pockets and cut them out of the felt.

I then cut a button hole in each pocket and buttoned them on the shirt.  I was then able to use a hot glue gun to glue them along the top and edges of the shirts pockets.


Next, I measured out 2 strips of felt, about 2 inches wide for the shoulders.  I hot glued them to the shoulder, just on the end.  Then I removed the bottom button and the very top buttons from the shirt and sewed them onto the shoulder of the shirt.  I cut a hole in the felt and buttoned it on.  The top button isn't needed because the neck is too tight and it will be covered by the tie anyway.  The bottom button isn't needed because the shirt will be tucked in.

Next, we need the Minnesota patches on each arm.  Instead of buying these, I decided to DIY them!

Taking this image, I printed 2 of them out on iron-on transfer paper.  I ironed them on to white fabric.  I took that and cut it out and hot glued it onto the brown felt.  I then cut those out and hot glued them onto the shirt.



Neck Tie – from Amazon for cheap!  Any black tie will work.

Gun, holster & handcuffs – I had the gun & holster from a previous Halloween costume,  I just modified the holster to attach to a belt.  And, here are the handcuffs from Wal-mart that were pictured earlier.

Mustache – Amazon had 36 mustaches for $3…  They are not awesome, but they will do!

Aviator Sunglasses – $3.70 on Amazon.  Cheap and will probably break in a day, but will do for one Halloween!

Hat – Found this one on ebay for $2, plus $4 for shipping.  I am not sure how the quality will be, but it was cheap.  I'll just need to add the gold braided string with tassles & the badge, like shown in the next picture of an actual Trooper hat.

Badges – We found a 4 pack of fake police badges on ebay.  One will need to go on the shirt and one on the hat.

We are also going to put a walkie-talkie on the belt and maybe a night-stick if we can find one.

I will post the final costume pictures once everything comes together!  We are still waiting on many of the items to arrive.

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