Lady Gaga Costume

This year for Halloween (2010), I decided to create a Lady Gaga costume.  Lady Gaga is known for never wearing pants and many other very skimpy clothes, but I’m not comfortable with that…  So, after checking out many of her outfits, I decided to go with the black one she is wearing in the beginning of Poker Face when she’s coming out of the pool.  It’s easy, fun, and I’ll be comfortable wearing it.

The Clothes:

Pair of black shiny leggings or pants – whatever you are most comfortable with.  I actually used a pair of Warm Essentials Active Warm Underwear from Target.  $15.00.

Black shiny 1-shoulder top – If you can find one, great, but you will probably have to make it or alter a different tank top to get this.  I purchased a black active wear tank top from the clearance rack at target and hemmed one shoulder strap off it.  $6 – not bad!

Boots – In the Poker Face video, Lady Gaga changes boots a couple times, so take your pick!  In the first scene where she is getting out of the pool, they are open toed boots.  Later when she is on the lounge chair, they are closed toed ankle boots with some silver studs on them.  I have some black ankle boots that I bought at Famous Footwear a few weeks ago (for normal wear – not even thinking about a costume) that will work perfectly!  These are Hot Kiss – Shaye.  Really, any black boots will work.

The Hair:

Lady Gaga wouldn’t be Lady Gaga without great hair!  So, unless you have hair like hers, a decent wig is important for this costume.  I searched for many costume wigs and was not impressed.  There is a Lady Gaga wig all over the Internet that I also saw at Wal-mart, but on Amazon, it got horrible reviews.  People stated that it was so thin that you can see right through it, the hair falls out, and all in all it's just plain awful! 

Being I want to look like Lady Gaga and not the Crypt Keeper, I decided I had to find a better wig!

I found this one on ebay

I have not received this wig yet, so I’m hoping it works out.  The color and length look good in the pictures, and the ebay seller had great reviews.  From the picture, I might need to trim the bangs a little to get the perfect Lady Gaga look. 

I had purchased a different wig from an online seller 3 weeks prior to Halloween, but it turns out the website is pretty much a scam (acewigs.com – DO NOT buy from them!).  They have not shipped the wig, do not respond to emails, and never answer their customer service phone number.  I searched online and found TONS of complaints about them doing the same thing to many others, and these people paid a lot more than I did and never received their purchases.  Luckily I have not had my credit card charged yet.  But, I can't really cancel my order when they don't respond to emails or phone calls….

Due to this situation with this awful retailer, I needed to receive this new wig from ebay in 3 days, so I had to upgrade to 1-night shipping, which was nearly as much as the wig itself.  But, it's better than buying that awful Lady Gaga wig form Wal-mart!

The Mirror Mask & Arm Band:

What you will need: A half mask – preferably silver.  If it is not silver, buy some metallic silver paint and paint it.  This is so if I miss an area, it still looks mirrored.  I like this one by Darice because it is quite large and can be cut to your custom dimensions. $4

2 x Darice 6×9 Plastic mirror sheets.  $6

Leave the clear plastic protective coating on the mirror side of the sheet!  Cut one of the mirror sheets into squares.  Use your ruler to mark lines on the back, then cut them out and use a glue gun to glue them to the mask.  I tried to replicate the pattern on Lady Gagas mask pretty closely, but you can do whatever you want!

Here's the approximate number of mirror squares I used:

40 – 50 1/2 inch squares
10 3/4 inch squares
4 1 inch squares
4 1 1/2 inch squares

Once you have your mirror tiles glued to the mask as you want, you can then cut away any extra parts of the mask.  Now, your ready to take the protective coating off the mirror pieces, so your mask will look like real mirrors. Here’s my completed Mirror Mask

For the arm band, cut the second mirror sheet into long triangles.  Use your hot glue gun to glue them to the Foamies sheet.  Cut the Foamies sheet down so no black is showing and make sure you leave some extra so you can glue on some velcro pieces as a way to put the arm band on.  Its easiest to make the arm band too large, then cut it down to size so it fits on your arm.  Then add the velcro and you're done!  Here's my completed arm band.

Diamonds for shoulder & hips:

Check out my YouTube video on how to make the diamonds!

You will need a package of card stock paper – it doesn’t matter what brand.  Or, you could go with a large piece of poster board or 2.  I just had card stock on hand! Also, you'll need gold & black spray paint & glossy finish spray

Check out my YouTube video on how to create these diamonds! Here is the pattern I used.  You can click it to view it full size, then right-click it and click "Save Image As" to save the file.  I placed the image on a word document and altered the size (you can fit 2 per page if they are small enough and it's a good size diamond in the end).  Then just print it out a bunch of times on Card Stock and cut them out!

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